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Project 365 #285: 121017 Men At Work

Project 365 #285: 121017 Men At Work
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Well, it's been an adventure in our new office. We've been there since the first week of August and still haven't really done any settling. In truth, I think it was only last week that I lifted the protective plastic carpet film that they put down the day we moved in there!

The reason for the delay, apart from a ridiculous workload, is that we've been waiting on new furniture, and that arrived today.

Dave and I both had pretty big desks, and the room is long and narrow. We wanted to put the desks facing each other, but with neither of us having our back to the door. That proved impossible with the furniture we had, and so the Head kindly offered to spring for new desks.

We scoured the Merseyside Paper catalogue and chose carefully. Having seen the new desks arriving in the main office in a boring light grey, we assumed that was the corporate model and so that's what we ordered which added three weeks to the lead time.

Then all the other new desks started turning up in light oak!

As it goes, this colour works pretty well in the room and we've chosen a shape that fits the space well. I might take a wider view once we've got all the bloody crap cleared up!
Date: 2017-10-13 03:07:00

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My furniture turned up on Tuesday!
underthesun 2017-10-13 15:52:48
Looks like you have plenty of clear work space for the moment!
Keith Williamson 2017-10-16 23:56:45

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